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Mining & Metals

Ferrous, nonferrous, precious, and light metals, as well as industrial metals.

Bechtel has completed several hundred major mining and metals projects and more than 1,000 studies on six continents, enabling customers to produce everything from aluminum to uranium. The company excels at completing logistically challenging projects, often in remote areas, and doing it on time and within budget.

Bechtel has worldwide experience in:

  • Mineral exploration and geology
  • Hydrometallurgical processing
  • Mine planning
  • Pyrometallurgical processing
  • Materials handling
  • Metal forming
  • Mineral processing
  • Pollution control
  • Electrometallurgy
  • Environmental permitting

Major market segments include ferrous and nonferrous metals, focusing on copper, gold, aluminum and alumina, iron ore and steel, nickel, and titanium; industrial minerals, focusing on cement, glass, and gypsum; and metals forming and finishing, emphasizing aluminum and steel.

Bechtel has set the pace for Canada’s aluminum industry by building or expanding most of the major aluminum smelters in Quebec, and in 2002 established its global Aluminum Center of Excellence in Montreal.